Calahonda-CAM is a MOBOTIX webcam with it own IP and it delivers every minute a new picture without using a PC direct to the web server of the homepage.

The German company MOBOTIX is a specialist for object-watching cameras for outdoor- and indoor using. But “webcam” is a wrong concept actual for this appliance. Finally, a complete calculator with Linux operating system is in this appliance besides the camera, an automatic network-connection and an ISDN modem as well. 

Especially the reliability has already proven a virtually same webcam through it that it on summit-platform of the Zugspitze (highest mountain in Germany) performs its service since several years under extreme, climatic conditions without disturbance.

Calahonda-CAM also now is absolutely undisturbed since 15th April 2006 in business already. Big heat, it is unprotected abandoned the Andalusian sun, and it has downpours regardless of survived.  

The built-in motion detector starts a picture-record for a predefined span just as a conspicuous movement-event appears. That can be also a smoke-cloud because of a fire, that appears suddenly in the visual field of the camera and is carried away by the wind.


The, in that moment selected picture-format of Calahonda-CAM has 640 x 480 pixels and the colour resolution is 64.000. It is working around the clock continuously and delivers also a sharp colour-night-picture, every minute.


Calahonda-CAM  is conceived only as a solely weather-camera, therefore it shows mainly the sky, because the observer should see as the weather looks exactly in Calahonda and surroundings in live time. The cloud form, if clouds exist at all, and the cloud animation are an essential statement of an efficient weather-station. To be able to pivot the camera has not been realized in order to protect the private life of the neighbouring residential-areas.


The facing is direction South-South-West (210°) across the Alborán sea and can show - with clear air - also the camel-hump-rocks of Céuta and the rock of Gibraltar at the horizon.


Calahonda-CAM can be switched to a really live-picture-camera in future, if there will be once a faster DSL-access here in the region for Calahonda, i.e. each visible object-movement is transferred also on the homepage in real-time.


Last updating: 30.05.2012 19:21